Private tour of the oil mill with tasting


The visit to our oil mill is much appreciated by groups of tourists who, in addition to the sea, express an interest in discovering the products and arts of our beautiful territory.

Groups of families – tourists

Duration of the visit approximately 1 hour and a half, and in any case adequate to your needs.


  • Initial outdoor walk among the olive trees: introduction and company presentation.
  • How is Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced?
    From harvesting to oil. You will understand the work and passion to produce a great oil and how important this oil is for our diet. The route, adaptable to all age groups, can be done all year round thanks to a beautiful “film in the oil mill”. The taste laboratory. Guide to the perception of the pleasant sensations transmitted by the different oils. Our senses will help us recognize a quality oil.
  • Bread and oil with our extra virgin olive oils and flavored condiments; final dessert with our mandarin flavored dressing. Tasting of our Sangiovese for everyone..
  • Final cosmetic test!!!


From harvesting to oil. Initial walk among the olive trees. Children will understand how great oil is produced and how important it is in our diet. An “engaging” story in which the good soldiers (antioxidants) will have the upper hand over the bad soldiers (oxygen). Children will be stimulated throughout the process with intuitive questions on the crucial phases of the production process.

Final tasting of the various oils with bread; bread, mandarin dressing and sugar for the children. Our senses will help us recognize all the characteristics of a quality oil and will help us understand if “the good soldiers won the war“. The children will answer all the questions correctly and will become “official tasters for their families“.

GIOCO FINALE: they will have to recognize flavored condiments only with the use of smell (lemon, mandarin, etc.). Sangiovese and cosmetic test for parents.